Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I can't stand shallow girls. I CAN'T.
Today in class, my teacher was telling us about an argument that started during her second period class yesterday. Students were saying they heard there was yelling and punches thrown.
She laughed, and said this "Why is it that girls always have to lie about everything?"
I immediately exclaimed WRONG in my head.
I felt like it was a good time for me to say something, so I explained how girls can just get defensive, even when they don't have to. Or they just want the attention, so they lie. Other than that, I have no idea why anyone would want to get in a fight. Verbally or physically. It's just dumb.
My remark led her to say "Why would anyone ever want to fight? Just keep your mouth shut, and ignore it. It really is that easy!"
A girl in my class got involved and started laughing saying "It's too much fun when you get involved."
Under my teachers breath, she muttered that it'll get easier to not get involved when you grow up and stop caring so much what others think.
I heard her statement, and a smile started to grow on my face.
I haven't cared what people have thought of me for YEARS.
And really, it's so easy to keep my mouth shut now.
Swallow whatever you want to say, if it doesn't have to be said.
Or like my mother says, "bite your tongue."
I'm glad to know, and realize, that I am growing up the right way.

This leads me to a Facebook status I saw last night.
There has been a 12 year old boy who has ran away in my hometown.
The boy whose Facebook status I saw, was saying that we should get together a group and try to find him. And how it's just so sad to think about someone running away, or being lost.
I read on through the comments, and saw a girl who stood out to me.
Her unthoughtful words, saying that we shouldn't be wasting our time trying to search for him, or make an effort. Telling the boy to "get a life".
I then got involved.
"you realize this status is about a little boy who may have been taken, and might not have shelter in this cold weather? he never asked for your opinion, just your help to find him."
She then ignored my posts, and kept putting down this boy with the status'.
I got upset, but decided I shouldn't say anything else.
But then I did... 
"joell, just leave it alone and be the bigger person. :) she just wants a reaction from you. I hope she realizes how affected her life would be without her house, or her family. sounds to me like you need to live on the street with nothing for a while, melissa. just to get a little taste of reality. this world doesn't and will not revolve around you. learn that at your young age now, before you get older and turn into something youre not."
I realize that it could have been taken in a rude sense, and I didn't mean it that way.
I just wanted to be stern. 

People don't even realize how rude they are.
It makes me sad.

When will you grow up? PLEASE.

I have so much more to say. But I won't go on. I might save that for when I have a "blog fart" next time I log on.

Blog Fart: (verb) you have empty space in your mind, and cannot think of a single solitary thing to post on your blog.

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