Sunday, January 2, 2011

here we go once more.

so here I am, starting my own blog.
wish me luck.

I thought this would be smart, figuring I always think of clever or random things to say in my head... I don't know how to express them. This should work out just fine. I hope.

My life is so plain as of right now. Have you ever been in a crowded room, yet feel so alone? I miss my used to be best friend. Let alone just my old plain friends. I feel like they're slipping right through my grip, and there isn't anything I can do. I try, believe me,  but there are always infinite excuses no matter what time of day. I have many friends, but they aren't people who would want to log off Facebook to go shopping, bond, etc...

But sometimes, I just want to be left alone.
Either alone, or with my best friend.
He makes me extremely happy inside, knowing that he is my soul mate soothes every worry that has ever come across my mind.

Let's hope that this New Year will change things.
I'm ready for change.
A big change, but not too drastic.
I still want him in my life, duh.
But I want more people, friends.
Help me? 

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