Friday, August 12, 2011

if you need a friend, you've got my hand.

I can't believe school starts in TEN days. 
I googled everything but the first two.

My summer has consisted of some great memories,
and I want to thank all my friends and family for helping make them.
I sure do love memories. 

One of my favorites this year would have to be Girls Camp at Flaming Gorge.
Sorry, Shawn. I love you and we've made amazing memories this summer, but this is my only vacation... ALL SUMMER.

And here we are, bright and early in the morning already to head up to Flaming Gorge.
I'm stoked, actually.
Besides the fact it's 8 in the morning during SUMMER, I had never been to Flaming Gorge.
Wow, what a wonderful place that is. 

I had only wake boarded once a few summers ago, and got up my first try. And I can't even get up behind my own boat, but lo and behold, I popped right up behind the Grahams boat.
I even grew a pair and went out of the wake, 
(Don't ask what injurys occured while trying to get back in it though...)

Waiting for the boats to come back in for another load of chitlins was tons of fun too. 
Me and Mellie waiting on the tube, chattin'. Probably about inappropriate and dirty things. 
But hey, what are friends for? 
 And here we are after a long day of boating. That blanket was so warm, 
especially since mine was soaked 100% of the trip, since the boat would always take a nose dive 
and my towel was conveniently at the front of the boat. Lovely.
 Oh, and this is the typical us. Trying to see how far we could go until the leaders busted a gasket.
Hahahah, I really do miss these days. No makeup, hair not done, personality showin' through cuz no one gives a crap. Yeah, I love camping with these girls because of THAT.

Oh geez, this picture has a thousand unspoken words behind it. This was taken right before the tube was deemed the "TOE RIPPER". We definitely went for a run of this little baby, I skipped on top of the water after being thrown off the tube about 7 times before sinking into the water, I kicked myself in the back of the head and then Jordan's poor little toe ripped right down the middle. We rushed onto the boat, she got a blessing and Melissa, I, Ondra and Christine went with Jordan to the ER. 

That has another story. Wanna hear it? Keep reading. If you don't care, gtfo my blog. ;)
Well, we sat in the ER for a good hour and a half before they even took Jordan back to get her all stitched up. While that was going on, another two hours pass, a lady carrying her five or six year old comes in screaming for help. We all jumped out of our seats immediately, and tried to help. We knew we couldn't do anything but we all just pointed to the doors for her to take herself and daughter through.

That's a moment I will never, ever forget.
We all sat back down with tears in our eyes and chicken skin.

 On a better note, this is one of the funnest tubes I've ever been on.
So, awesome. I know. 
After three pops and one unrepairable rip down the side, it rests in peace.
We ran this tube to the ground.
Thanks Kev, for the best tubing rides of my life. <3

Ah, summer. I love that word. Ah school. I kinda like that word too.
I'm stoked to start cosmetology school.
There's so much random stuff I want to express on this blog post.
You might as well quit reading, it's just be rambling.

I've been doing hair for so long, and now I'm finally going to be DOING IT FOR REALZ!
Lol, the "z" at the end added effect.... Anyways.
I seriously am so nervous excited. I just can't believe my dream is coming true.
Hopefully I like it.
Oh, and this picture? If you can't tell I'm obsessed with Breast Cancer stuff. 
Long story... No I don't "like" Breast Cancer... Smart Alec
This summer has been wayyyy to short.

All I ever do is work at the SnoShack.
But that's okay because on the bright side all I ever do is deposit money in the bank ;)
I love work, don't get me wrong.
I just envy those girls who sit around and get anything and everything they want all summer long.
I wanna sit and play Black Ops zombies, but no, life's not fair.
Maybe someday...