Sunday, January 2, 2011

two thousand & eleven.

Already?! Time to start a New Years Resolution List.
I never really put forth an effort to do the things on my New Years Lists, so that can be number one on this one.

1. Complete these tasks. Or at least try.
2. Fold my laundry before it all builds up and scatters across my floor aimlessly.
3. Stop picking at my split ends, I'm going to end up bald by the time I'm thirty.
4. Keep a certain amount of money in the bank, ALWAYS.
5. Buy a Zumba pass, so I can keep myself in shape during this harsh winter season.
6. Be happy.
7. Try something new, and venture out into the world. Become involved.
8. Update my blog, and discover others.
9. Save money, save money, save money. This is on here twice because it's extremely important!
10. Wait for my boyfriend to get off his mission, since he's leaving this year.

This sounds like a pretty easy list this year. (pats on back)
So let's see if I can attempt to keep these promises.

Eek, two posts in one day. Can you tell I'm excited?

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