Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm excited for cosmetology school.

I've been doing hair since I was two years old. Well, I sat underneath my moms 'hair chair' gathering clients hair while she was cutting it, and once I got enough, I would put it all together with an elastic band and braid it, cut it... etc. And if I wasn't doing that hair... You should see my poor barbie dolls.


 I also decided I like painting nails a few years ago, it's super fun to get creative ideas and try them out.
so when I'm bored, and my sister is bored, she lets me paint her toes. So I did that today for fun! 

So blurry! I'm sorry.

Here's a rough sketch of what I did today to my sisters toes, and my left thumb nail. Realize I said MY thumb nail. Just ignore the smudge on the lady bug dot... Oops.

I'll have to post more pictures of what I've done before. I've had so many ideas!

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