Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I get to intern at Art City Elementary, for Special Education Preschool with my Mom. I am more than excited, words can't even describe. I love those little kids, it should be a lot of fun to be able to help them out and get to know them better. Not to mention, I may even practice my Spanish since there are three triplet Latino's in that class. Yay, win win situations are the best aren't they? And the kids faces when you speak Spanish to them for the first time are priceless. "Oh no, we actually have to talk now since someone can translate!"

I haven't decided what to do when I get older... Much older. I like to think I have more time to decide then I really do. I'm graduating next year, where did all the time go? So I better decide quickly.
What I know for sure, is that I'm going to MATC my senior year for Cosmetology School. I'm really excited, actually. (If you haven't, read the post before this one) I want to learn all I can, and possibly start my own business. How fun would that be? I say lots.

I've been thinking of other Careers too, though.
  • Moorpark, CA. College and study Marine Mammal Training to swim with the dolphins at SeaWorld.
  • Psychology. I don't know what it is but I love helping people with their problems, and helping them see different sides to their situations. I think I'd be good at this, personally.
  • Special Education teacher. What brings more joy than helping these kids? Nothing, nothing does. Ever since I met a little boy with cerebral palsy, Grant, it's changed my whole perspective on that subject.
  • Orthodontic Assistant. I don't even know why this has interested me. It just has! 

I just don't know. Maybe I can do all of them at once?
Help dolphins with their problems, and mental disabilities while fixing their teeth.  
Sounds good to me.
I'll settle for that.

Geeeeez, life is tough. But I'll get by.
I've got an amazing family, and amazing friends.
Actually, life is pretty good as of now.

My only complaint, I kind of miss my long hair.

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