Sunday, January 16, 2011

to grandmothers house I go

Been staying at my grandma and grandpas. It's been fun, different, but fun.
I miss my parents, that's one thing for sure. It really makes me appreciate what they do for me when they're gone!  (laundry, dishes, they hear you the first time you say something...etc)

How about an overview of my week while my parents have been gone?

WORK WORK WORK. I always work.

I took Shawn to El Cheapo! We went to Arby's for dinner, it was fun besides the fact the meat on my sandwhich was bloodshot red, and my hot chocolate was really cold chocolate. After, we went to the dance, then we drove through slushy ugly frozen roads to McKenna Gleaves house to watch Inception.
That movie blows my mind... I absolutely love it.

I watched Despicable Me, and it was pretty funny. Not as funny as everyone has worked it up to be though, but that's probably why. My expectations were too high, like always.
I need to stop having such high expectations, it ruins so much.
I need to let things go the way they need, and be impressed by life.

Today I went to my cousins farewell. It seems like it was just yesterday he got his call, and now it's really all being put into action. Like I always say, time doesn't stop for anybody. He is going to be the best missionary, he is such a sweet, sweet boy. He will serve the Lord better than anyone I know. GO BRENNEN! We love you!

I've been playing Just Dance 2 inbetween all these days. My grandma purchased it, and her Wii actually works, so I've been having a hay day. I love it, it's fun and it's a workout.
Speaking of workout, I haven't purchased a Zumba pass yet like I said I would.
And I picked my split ends today at Church... Oh no.
New Years List = FAIL.

I'll try harder. Take care!

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