Wednesday, January 5, 2011

around 181 more days.

Blue skies are calming.
Green grass is refreshing.
Sunshine is beautiful.

I miss Summer. I want Summer.
I want to meet new people.
I miss the sweet new people I've already met.

The carefree days, and endless nights.
This summer will be good, I can feel it.
Just, come fast? Please Summer?

At least Baseball starts up soon, that's something to look forward to.
Baseball boys are HOT. Especially my boy.
Too bad Softball at SHS is ridiculous and based on politics or else I'd probably be playing. sigh.
I just want city league again. I just want to pitch again. I just want to play on first again.  

The semester is almost over, ohmygoodness. I am so happy, yet I'm sad.
Reasons for the happiness?
  • I get a new English teacher who will finally grade things appropriately, and not lose all my work!
  • I get to Intern at my mommy's school! I'm stoked!
  • We only have one semester left!
Reasons for the saddness?
  • I'm not going to be in the same Anatomy class that I was in with all my good friends.
  • I have to commute to MMHS for my Intern class every other Wednesday.
It's good I have more happy reasons rather than sad ones. I hope it stays that way, I guess we will see.

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