Thursday, February 10, 2011

when life knocks you down to your knees, pray.

What events in your life have defined who you are?

            So much has happened in my seventeen years of life, and every little thing that has taken place has defined who I have become today.  Growing up in a family of four, including me, has been such an adventure.  I have one sister, and having to share everything with her has made it easier for me share with my friends and other family members.  My sister and I have definitely had our fights, but all of that bickering back and forth has made me realize the small things that I could be doing better, and it has helped me little by little along the way. 
During Elementary School, I had a very sweet fifth grade teacher named Jeni Johnson.  Without fail, she would assist me with anything I needed help with and would always do it with a big grin on her face.  I realized that the little things, like having a listening ear, or always putting other people’s feelings before your own can be great joy to other people just by having an understanding of feelings or just someone to talk to.  Jeni has helped me a lot through my communication skills, and confidence to help other people whenever they need assistance. 
I was elected Student Body President my last year in Junior High School.  It has defined me more throughout my life by teaching me such great leadership skills.  Having the opportunity to listen to people’s opinions and having a chance to change things for the better has made me realize that one person does have a say in what happens in this world.  And all you need is someone who is willing to back you up, and someone to listen and carry out the task, even if that someone is yourself. You need to have confidence and believe in yourself.
Throughout all of these good accomplishments that have defined who I am today, there have also been those shocking events that happen unexpectedly in life.  My twenty-five year old uncle passed away, leaving behind his loving nine month old daughter, Corrine.  I tried to be there for her at age fourteen because I could never imagine what it would be like losing my father, especially without actually acknowledging him yet.  I became especially grateful for the time that I have here on this earth, and it makes me count my blessings each and every day for having such a wonderful family and all of my great friends.  Realizing how short life can actually be, has defined the way that I act in my life.
Getting my first real job at my family business was a success, I felt all grown up at a whopping age of fifteen.  I finally realized that dealing with customers when you’re the one working with them face to face can be just like the stories you hear growing up about a hard day at work, and even how the actors act in movies, blowing everything out of proportion.  I was practically forced to grow up if I was going to be handling money and carrying out a big responsibility.  Seeing that I was growing up, I started to pay for all of the items that I so badly “needed”, and that didn’t get far until I ran out of money. Along came my second job, Domino’s Pizza.  The people I work with are so sweet and caring.  I’ve been told that being around them really seems to lift my spirits, and I have realized it too now, looking back it has really changed me into a better and more defined young woman.

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