Thursday, February 10, 2011

I just wanna play some phase 10.

Amber Young Turner

"You are only as happy as you make up your mind to be." –Abraham Lincoln. This quote by Abraham Lincoln definitely motivates me to do my best each and every day. Motivation is something that definitely drives me, and helps me accomplish things with having a good attitude.  I am driven to do my best when I put forth my own work, because I want people to approve of what I am saying or presenting.  Being ashamed or embarrassed is not the way to live your life.  You should have dreams, and a sight of direction that you wish to obtain in your future.   Having goals for the future encourages me to live happily and always have something in my mind that drives me to do my best.  Having a loving family who cares for me also helps me carry out tasks with awareness that something could happen if you didn’t pay full attention to what you are bringing about.
Buckling up is so important, and because of the actions my cousin’s friends had while driving their vehicles, Amber also started getting into the bad habit of not fastening her seatbelt before driving.  This led to a dramatic change of her life.  In October 2001, my cousin, Amber, was commuting back from her job as a CNA at Payson Hospital.  It was late, and still nobody knows why she didn’t choose to buckle her seatbelt.  Her car hydroplaned while driving through treacherous weather, flew across the lane, and landed into oncoming traffic. She was ejected from her car, flew out of the driver’s side window, and suffered from brain damage.  She died almost one year ago, on February 28, 2010 by her injuries from not bucking up.  From now on, I take action and make sure that everyone is secure before I drive in my car, or when I’m riding with anybody else.  Because of Amber’s accident it has definitely drove me to be the best that I can, and make sure I carry out tasks that keep everyone around me safe and secure. 
Being a good influence is certainly a great way you can drive other people, and yourself.  By doing community service, being a good influence, or saying kind and uplifting words can plant interest into your community around you and could soon drive them to do the best they can be.  Giving my friends and family good thoughts with kind words I say, or by carrying out worthy tasks motivates them to do their best and think about their actions before actually execute them.  Making one dishonest or immoral mistake can change your life or someone else’s life forever, physically, emotionally, or mentally.
I am passionate about the safety of others, and will still resume telling people about the tragic accident of my cousin, and educating them about how important it is to buckle up and be safe wherever you’re driving, whether it’s one block, or miles away.

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