Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 I love my school. Most of it, at least.
And tonight is going to be great!  

D'males are performing during halftime at my school.
And my Shawny is in it, I'm so excited to watch him dance. 
It's funny, cuz he's never really been big into dancing.
I guess we will see how great he is tonight! If I get video of it, I'll post it on here of course!
I'm really stoked. Guys dancing is so much better than girls dancing. HAHA! 
And my friend Jordan is borrowing my teeny tiny extra small booty shorts to wear. 
Oh goodness!

here is the link to D'Males 2009. Horrible quiality, 
but just so you can get a taste of why I'm so excited.

and here is another link to I think 2008.

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