Wednesday, February 23, 2011

talk is cheap, give me your word.

Before you assume, learn the facts.
Before you judge, understand why.
Before you hurt someone, feel.
Before you hate, you have to love.
Before you leave, commit to it.

Life has so many different twists and turns, and some can be headed toward the dreaded dead end sign.
Makes my heart drop. Where do I turn, when there is no right and there is nothing left?
I've learned that everyone should all live without pretending, and listen without defending. It's all we can do in such a discriminated society. I just wish we could all be friends. I regret nothing, and everything happens for a reason. I thank God everyday for everything that has happened to me in my life. Even the bad things, because I wouldn't be where I am now, if it weren't for those little mistakes I've made. Or words I've said. It probably hasn't been my wisest choice, but here it is. Sorry.

it's your choice.
"Everyday I regret how things ended with her. 
There is honestly not a day that passes that I wish I had not said the things I said to her. 
And I know he is not smart enough to feel that way right now, 
but with time maybe he will grow up enough to see what he did wrong."

And I don't want this to be taken in anyway that it isn't presented. I do not miss anyone but my Uncle Nathan who's life was taken so shortly.
And I love nobody in high school more than Shawn. 
I'm just trying to balance on a fine wire.
PLEASE, hear me out. I don't care if you're seeing this or not.
I'd rather you not, actually.

I love you Shawn Christopher.

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