Monday, February 21, 2011

blonde beach babe.

this would be my hobby if I lived near the ocean.
you're a hurricane I will never outrun.
I could wait around, for the dust to still.
but I don't believe that it ever will.

nope, it never will.

I just want to go to the ocean and be carefree.
I want to swim with the dolphins at SeaWorld.
I want to have a special bond between me and sealife.
Nothing in this world would make me happier.
NOTHING. Well...

Besides my Shawnikins. But still...
I want to live my dreams, and become CAREFREE.
I want to get away from these stereotypes.
Meet new people while walking on the beach.
Always have sand on my driveway.
The only car I want is a Schwinn.  Too much to ask?

I believe so.
Until then, I'll sulk in sorrow of what CAN be.
I can't wait until I'm eighteen, I'll do what I want.

Can anyone say ROADTRIPS?
My bank account will be hurting for a few years.
I just need adventure, so tooooo bad.

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