Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nom nom nom.

I had my very first blueberry two days ago... That was quite the experience.
As I sat in the pink chair during lunch at preschool, I watched as my mom raised each blue sphere to her lips, and munched on them once they were inside her mouth.
"I've never had a blueberry," I confessed. My moms eyes shifted to mine.
"You've never had a blueberry?" She said as bringing the zip lock bag closer to my arm resting on the table. "Have one, then. Nothing to lose."
I then reached into the bag, and brought a blueberry into the center of my palm while examining the outside. What an odd looking fruit.
The circle at the top of the blueberry made me worry, and the texture looked to intense.
"Taylor, just eat it, you'll like it."
I felt the blueberry land on my tongue as the palm of my hand touched my lips.
I ate it, and you know what? I liked it. I ate the rest of the half filled zip lock bag.
Mom was right (once again), and I love new experiences.
You'll never guess what I'm eating right now for an after school snack...? Nom nom nom.

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