Saturday, March 12, 2011


and so the mockingbird flew through with spring on it's back.
I'm so merciful
I've been waiting so long for those words to come out.
so thanks for helping me find the worlds I couldn't find on my own, mockingbird.

As I sit in my room, I think of miles of memories that I've experienced in my life.
I've put much thought into it, and came to the conclusion, I am one lucky lady. 
From all of the wonderful family members I am surrounded by, and my many meaningful friends.
I'm so lucky for my life. 
Through the illnesses, many deaths, certain things that are better off unknown that I know now, things I wish I hadn't said, asked, saw, heard, or felt. I still wouldn't change it for another one.
I miss my friends who have crossed over, but it always soothes my soul knowing they're really not that far.
All we can do in this crazy life is keep our heads level, and take a smile.
A smile is so contagious and travels through thousands of people.
When I smile at someone, and they smile back, there's no greater feeling.
I made that happen. I think, as their lips curve upward.

No matter what's happened in your life, live it forward and be happy.
The biggest mistake anyone can make is not learning from previous ones.
This is my life, and it's frightening how time can go by so fast.
Seventeen years of my life are gone. And I'll never get them back.
You don't even notice when you wake up in the morning, that one day is behind you.
Even though you can't help that, you can help how you spend the next day.
Spring = present.
I'll be heading over soon.

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