Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We all have those little things that people do that  
drives us CRAZY. 
And I feel like today was one of those days, where everything that drove me nuts, shined on through.
It didn't make it any better that I had to take a short trip to the nearest Wal-Mart. I hate that zoo.
First, I'll name some pet peeves. Let's see if you partake in any of these.

Invading space. Especially when a person is talking to you, they keep getting closer and closer, and they have awful smelling breath. Yes, lady at Wal-Mart I'm talking to you. Or when you're in line at a store, oh I don't know, maybe Wal-Mart also? And the people behind you stand too close that if you turn your head your hair hits them in the face. And no, I'm not sorry lady. 
People who are loud.  Their every movement is loud. Seriously. When they open and close a cabinet... It's loud. When they walk... It's loud. When they talk... It's loud. 
Keeping shoes on while doing a long activity. If we're hanging out, and you have your shoes on still, I'm gonna freak. What? Are you gonna hurry and make an escape? This drives me nuts. Just take them off and get comfy, who cares if your feet stink. It's usually watching a movie or something that takes a while that drives me crazy. Can't focus on anything but their shoes matted onto their feet. 
People who drive SO SLOW. I cannot stand it. It's like some peoples speedometers can't go more than 25 MPH. Yes, lady in the green car that drives around here, your car can go more than 18 MPH. You should try it out. 
Bad customer service. I bust my butt at both of my jobs to make customers happy, and what do I get in return? Usually a cranky pissed off old man. A smile will do, Mr. And it'll make you feel better too. 
People who mumble. I'm only going to ask you what you said once, so if I have to repeat myself you're not getting an answer. Chelsey.
Substitute teachers who don't know JACK about the class they're subbing for. I go to math class to learn some math, since I suck at it, and when you have a sub every freaking day of your life who doesn't know how to do anything, and just sits there in the swiveling chair, with her high top converse talking about how great an experience it was to go on the Trek with her ward last year. Really? Is that was mx+b equals? 
Beating around the bush. If you want to say something, please, it'll save time and will just be flat out better if you just say it without starting your sentence with "well......" and "I would but......" Because I'm only asking for your benefit, usually not mine. 
Your, You're, There, Their, and They're. They all have their own meanings. LEARN THEM. 
People who have no idea you can remove red eye in photos. I mean, go for it, if you like looking like a daemon in your photos. It's really not too attractive. 
Money. It has to be in ascending order or I'll go bizzerk. 
No sense of humor. Yes, I just made a joke, and it is okay for you to laugh at it. Oh? You don't think it's funny? Screw you, and your awful sense of humor!

I got curious of others pet peeves, and I just had to share this one with you.
It warns ladies not to read it, so I just had to, right? Right.

"Fellas, wtf is with the wiping of boggers on bathroom stalls?
Holy cats is that nasty. Use some tissue paper.
And while we're on it, how effing hard is it to aim right?
I'm so tired of having to stradle the overflowing banks of Lake Urine below the urinal.
Point, shoot, shake.
No dribbling over the side."

HAHAHAHAHA. I'm glad I can share. Feel free to share also.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha love this Taylor! Puntuation! Lordy Lordy I get mean when I see ITS and IT'S used incorrectly, and 's used for PLURALIZATION!!! Wrongo! Possessive or contraction! That's what apostrophies are used for. Maybe I had a sub math teacher that wore high top converse shoes and rambled on and on about APOSTROPHIES!(Oh but I AM one of those people who don't realize I can remove "red-eye"...please send help...)

nita said...

oh great I used incoreect grammar on a post about incorrect grammar. Re: "I am one of those people who DON'T - (should be DOESN'T ) now I feel like a hypocrite...

nita said...

Crap forgot to close my "

I'm hopeless.

Heather said...

Taylor I like your blog! My pet peeves include not taking your cart from say "walmart" and putting it back where it A. Belongs B. the cart spots or C. Anywhere but in the actual car parking spots. I also hate people who chew with gum and they look like a cow in a pasture getting at some grass. I also hate when I text someone and they don't respond that day if ever. I KNOW that they have received my message and they just have chosen not to respond, Probably because they think it's something I don't want to hear but I would rather them respond showing that they are A. Alive B. Still talking to me C. My friend.
Also bushy eyebrows..or unibrows... they should know that is not attractive