Saturday, March 5, 2011

corrine's day.

This consists of the events that took place during our day today.
1. Corrine woke me up from her laughing this morning, of course. She is so amused with our pets, they make her smile and so happy. I love it.
2. She got her hair trimmed, her beautiful long luscious locks of hair. She is a spitting image of me when I was her age, except I was around six or so when I had my long hair.
3.  We painted my grandmas toenails while she was getting her hair done today also. Corrine suddenly got interested, and wanted to help me with it. So of course, I let her, and had to take a picture. She HATES girly things! She refused when I asked if I could paint hers. Sigh. Oh well, worth a shot, right?
4. We ate lunch, and for dessert we made cookies! Chunky peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. She claims that they are, and I quote 
"They are the best in all of Springville, in all of weber, in all of Utah, in all of the US, in all of the world, in all of the space, in all of the galaxy. See? It keeps getting bigger because they're so good."
5. She was exhausted and took a nap on my dogs bed and woke up with frank cuddling next to her. He's so sweet. She came over to me and told me she woke her up by licking her face and fighting with Graycie. 
Of course.
6. She decided to play with my old old Spongebob clock and wanted to set the time, so she set it to 3:11. 
I didn't even realize it was that time when she set it. ARRRRRRRG.

I enjoy Corrine's company so much, she is so much fun and just everything she does reminds me of me when I was little. I love her so much, and I just wish that she could forever be ours. Oh well, in our hearts she is!
Love you Uncle Nathan! <3

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