Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There really is no cool in school. But then again there is.
I'm going to be graduating next year! What in the what?
Where is all this time going? Really, who's taking my time?
I neeeeed it! I want it all back! Goodness I'm gonna throw a fit.
I think someone has cut down the amount of days in a year and forgot to tell us about it.
Isn't it crazy how you can look at a picture, and you are there?
You are captured, through light, on a permanent piece of paper.
How does that happen? Reflection is one thing I still don't understand.
I looked at a picture a few days ago of me and my fifth grade teacher sitting on a couch,
it was her birthday, and we all got her random items.
I remember just BARELY sitting on that couch, really. Fighting with josh because I wanted to sit next to Riley.
I remember it like YESTERDAY.
Now, I'm a freaking senior.
Sounds like sayonara.
Definition of sayonara: good-bye.
K so it doesn't really sound exactly like it, but I don't like goodbyes :(

Wanna know something on the good side though?
Freakin' ya.

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