Friday, May 6, 2011

friday motto.

For now, it's shame on me.
If it happens again, shame on him.
He just means too much, and I can't seem to veer away.
I don't want too. Even if I feel like hell, I can't. 
I won't.
I believe trust is key in a relationship, 
but how much trust can you give to someone when your paranoid?
What am I suppose to do? 
Forget it?
Move on?
I'm trying.
This was forever ago but still, it's killing me.
He says he's trying.
What do I do?
Wait around until it happens again?
Trust him when he says it won't?
God, this sucks. 
Trust is the most important part of anything.
Please, help me have strength.
Please, help me carry on.
Please, help me do what I need too.
He leaves soon, for two years.
If we leave on these terms, I won't be able to control myself.
Will I ever?
What do I do? FREAKIN.

"If you let him get away with this, he'll just do it again"

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