Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hi, my name is Taylor BreAnna Jensen.
Nice to meet you. 
I'm the youngest of  two children.
Family with a mom and a dad.
I currently have three pets. Oscar, Frank, and Graycie.
I’m horrible about telling my sister how much I really care for her.
Yes, I am covered in freckles. No, I’ve never counted how many.
I love music in all sounds, colors, and genres.
I have the capacity to love unconditionally.
When I get nervous, I tuck my hair behind my ears consistently.
My dream car is a pink Bentley sports car.
Eventually, I want to have children. An even number of them.
I’d rather mow the lawn than do dishes.
It seems anything that has to do with computers comes naturally to me now.
I have a knack for doodling on anything in sight.
I'd rather be deaf than blind.
Water served in a glass tastes like fish water.

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